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Consciousness is the only presence and power and you are that presence and power
Stop living the lie of the ego and awaken to the unlimited freedom and bliss of one true Self.


Living as separate entity I faced many emotional challenges and life at a certain phase was just one struggle after another. Tired of looking for happiness and sense of identity based on the external world of objects, people and conditions I began looking within for my true spiritual identity. After a long period of intense seeking and by the grace of meeting enlightened masters I found my true identity as the infinite Self which is the only ONE Self of all beings.

I guide fellow seekers who have the burning desire to awaken to their true Self. The sessions are conducted over Skype. The meditations and inquiries are mainly based on Advaita tradition but I do also include some methods from other schools which have been helpful for me.

It is a divine blessing to guide people to the space of pure unconditioned love, peac and freedom. If you feel drawn to take the next step with me or if you have any specific questions, please contact me.